Drake Net Worth: A Detailed Look at the Rapper’s Wealth and Career

Net Worth: $250 Million
Salary: $70 Million Per Year
Birthdate: October 24, 1986
Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
Age: 37
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession: Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Voice Actor, Composer, Record Producer
Nationality: Canada

Quick Facts

Full NameAubrey Drake Graham
Net Worth$250 Million
Salary$70 Million Per Year
BornOctober 24, 1986
BirthplaceToronto, Canada
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
ProfessionActor, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Voice Actor, Composer, Record Producer
Major Albums“Thank Me Later”, “Take Care”, “Nothing Was the Same”, “Views”
Record LabelsYoung Money, Cash Money, Universal Music Group
Major Tours“Summer Sixteen Tour”, “Aubrey & The Three Migos Tour”
Significant OtherSophie Brussaux (Mother of his son Adonis)
Awards4 Grammy Awards, over 180 major awards
Last UpdatedJune 2024


Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, has transitioned from a child actor on the Canadian television series “Degrassi: The Next Generation” to one of the most influential figures in the music industry. His journey from humble beginnings to international superstardom is a remarkable story of talent, ambition, and strategic business moves.

Net Worth

As of June 2024, Drake’s net worth is estimated to be $250 million. His wealth comes from multiple sources including his music career, acting roles, business ventures, and endorsement deals. Drake’s annual salary is reported to be around $70 million, making him one of the highest-paid entertainers in the world.

Early Life

Drake was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada. His father, Dennis Graham, was a drummer, and his mother, Sandra “Sandi” Graham, was an English teacher and florist. After his parents divorced when he was five, Drake lived with his mother in Toronto and visited his father in Memphis during the summers. Despite growing up in an affluent neighborhood, Drake and his mother struggled financially.

Career Beginnings

Drake began his career as an actor, playing the role of Jimmy Brooks on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” His acting career provided a stable income, but his true passion was music. Inspired by rap icons like Jay-Z, Drake began releasing mixtapes in 2006. His first mixtape, “Room for Improvement,” was followed by “Comeback Season” in 2007 and “So Far Gone” in 2009. “So Far Gone” was a turning point, earning critical acclaim and commercial success.

Rise to Fame

Drake’s debut studio album, “Thank Me Later,” released in 2010, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. This was followed by several successful albums, including “Take Care” (2011), “Nothing Was the Same” (2013), and “Views” (2016). Each album solidified his position in the music industry, earning him multiple awards and a massive fanbase.

Major Releases and Achievements

  • 2010: “Thank Me Later” – Debut album, peaked at no. 1 on the Billboard 200.
  • 2011: “Take Care” – Won Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.
  • 2013: “Nothing Was the Same” – Continued commercial success.
  • 2016: “Views” – Featured the hit single “Hotline Bling” and topped charts globally.
  • 2018: “Scorpion” – Included hits like “God’s Plan” and “In My Feelings.”

Universal Music Group Contract

In May 2022, Universal Music Group confirmed a “long-term worldwide partnership” with Drake. The deal, which included recorded music, music publishing, film, television, and brands, was speculated to be worth around $400 million. This contract significantly boosted Drake’s net worth, reflecting his value and influence in the entertainment industry.

Earnings Breakdown

Since gaining mainstream success, Drake has consistently been one of the highest-earning artists. Here is a breakdown of his annual earnings:

  • 2010: $10 million
  • 2011: $11 million
  • 2012: $21 million
  • 2013: $11 million
  • 2014: $33 million
  • 2015: $40 million
  • 2016: $40 million
  • 2017: $95 million
  • 2018: $47 million
  • 2019: $75 million
  • 2020: $50 million
  • 2021: $40 million
  • 2022: $30 million
  • Total: $503 million

Properties and Assets

  • YOLO Estate: Located in Hidden Hills, California, this estate features multiple residences, a movie theater, and a massive pool. Drake purchased it in 2012 for $7.7 million.
  • Toronto Mansion: A 50,000-square-foot mansion built on a $6.7 million plot in Toronto’s Bridle Path.
  • Beverly Hills Mansion: Acquired from Robbie Williams in 2022 for $75 million.
  • Dos Brisas Ranch: A 313-acre property in Texas, purchased in 2023.

Air Drake

In May 2019, Drake unveiled his custom Boeing 767 private jet, dubbed “Air Drake.” The jet, valued between $75 to $100 million, is a symbol of his success and is owned outright by him.

Business Ventures

Drake has several business ventures, including his record label OVO Sound, partnerships with major brands like Sprite, Nike, and Apple, and his own bourbon brand, Virginia Black. These ventures contribute significantly to his net worth and showcase his entrepreneurial skills.

Tours and Concerts

Drake’s tours are among the highest-grossing in the industry. His 2016 “Summer Sixteen Tour” grossed $84.3 million, and his 2018 tour with Migos grossed $80 million. He also hosts the annual OVO Fest in Toronto, which sells out instantly.

Personal Life

Drake has had several high-profile relationships, most notably with Rihanna. In October 2017, French model Sophie Brussaux gave birth to his son, Adonis. Drake confirmed his fatherhood in 2018 and has since been open about his role as a father.


Drake’s net worth of $250 million reflects his success as a musician, actor, and entrepreneur. His strategic business moves, coupled with his talent and dedication, have made him one of the most influential figures in the music industry today. As he continues to release music and expand his business ventures, Drake’s net worth and influence are likely to grow even further.